Sunday, February 07, 2010

1060 : Happy in the nick of time

Having 4 cups of your mom’s coffee, all within the space of a couple of  hours (the last one being at 1am in the morning) must rank as one of the most kicking moments in my recent life. Hey, but, seriously….. Poison seems to help me fight the moment of death, very contrary to herd belief :-)

…….Happiness is always floating around, buoyed by the (mom’s best) coffee – sometimes shaved by a nick, at others shorn of the time.

(Afternote : Its kind of “negative kelvin” ubercool, when you are not being judged or reminded of “the poison” and its “terrible” effects – instead you are just being fondly indulged !! “Kanna, will you have another cup….” are the only spoken words on this topic.
No “sleep pattern alteration”, no “too much caffeine”, no “too much acidity” kind of conversation…..makes me very happy to realize that at least a few  people clearly realize what makes me happy. Ting Tong :-))

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