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1058 : And a terrible beauty is born : Movie 43 : Ishqiya

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MaPa and us caught up with Ishqiya yesterday.

What did I think of the movie? In one word it is “awesome”….its definitely a movie right up there with the likes of Maqbool….though it is not a Vishal Bharadwaj directed movie.

What I liked about the movie
- Casting – Naseer is outstanding, Arshad is completely believable and Vidya Balan is gorgeous ( a word I have not used for an outsider in a really long time).
- Dialogues – One of the best written screenplays, I have ever heard.
- Music – Gulzar, Vishal Bharadwaj both are in their quintessential mood.
- Background score is haunting (For me, that is always such an essential but ignored parts of a movie)
- Camerawork and cinematography are so raw and so real, you almost forget you are watching a movie (you know the shots are of “dusk” just by the light conditions).
- Characterization – Every single character (including “Nandu” who just plays a 2 minute cameo) is clearly etched out, and you know the motivations and drivers for each of them

What could have been better
- Editing which is super snazzy in the movie, could have been slightly more better.
- I honestly cannot think of any other improvement.

A perfect 10/10 in my score. A definite for the DVD collection, and I can watch this movie 2 times back to back if I have to, its that good.

Go drape yourself in its tapestry, and you might get a sense of why “3 idiots” is such a scumbag movie…..Ishqiya is story telling and movie making at its defining best…..almost, a la Maqbool.

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