Wednesday, February 03, 2010

1054 : We are recruiting demolition men !!

I was having a family  dinner yesterday, and the conversation shifted to how – in all the wormholes, there are certain characters who are complete wrong hires, and yet seem to have infinite power (over us imbeciles). They come in and destroy the order in the current world and replace them with a new order …..chaos!!.

We were laughing our hearts while recognizing, that “wrong hire” bit apart, but the “chosen” ones definitely have an innate talent to lend chaos to the world….as if, they are/were natural demolition men !!

On a diabolical note, would it be wrong to assume that they were hired by a “Joker” worshipping manager, who “only wants to see the world burn” ?????

Given that we find so many modern day “jokers” floating around, we propose a hierarchy for them

Entropy Analyst – he is hired fresh from school and he learns how to insert chaos and disrupt things.
Entropy Management Catalyst – he is in the upper echelons and is now a certified chaos provider. Just his presence is enough to let the world crash.
Entropy Specialist – He specializes in carpet bombing and mentoring other entropy evangelists.
Chief Entropy Organizer – he is the one who decides which part of the world should burn. He is the strategy and thought behind the process.

We were having such a gala laugh yesterday. We were primarily drawing from our experiences from advertising and IT services. I am sure such “role models” exist in your wormhole world too… to let me know if we need to add a few more designations to the “esteemed” hierarchy.

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Vinay @ said...

sign of the times

Vinay @ said...

sign of the times

Amitabh said...

The times they sure are changing. In these times "everything" can become a specialization....:-)