Saturday, January 30, 2010

1038 : The Corinthians Pune

Last week, Sri, Smi and us had driven down to Pune to chill out at The Corinthians Pune. This is located a few kms away from Pune.

What I liked about the place
- Sparkling new and decent attention to detail
- Large rooms
- Outstanding garden (though it is small)

What I hated
- Crappy service
- Crappy food
- No warmth and concept of hospitality

Will I go there again? Probably yes, just that this time, I wont expect a 4 star experience. Do I recommend, others go other? Yes, if only to enjoy the property.

How must does it cost? At 7k a pop, its not exactly cheap.

IMG_1137 IMG_1140 IMG_1353 IMG_1350 IMG_1314 IMG_1313 IMG_1302 IMG_1159 IMG_1153 IMG_1142

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