Saturday, January 30, 2010

1037 : Closure (or why it might be important?)

My manager moved on after working with us for over 5 years. I did take time to implicitly and explicitly tell him, how much he meant to my life, and how he has changed the way I work.

That for me, was more important than any other part of the relationship (while it lasted). I call the process of signing off as “closure”. Signing off does not only refer to “good byes”, it could also be as regular as everyday.

A good night kiss to your loves ones, a hug for your mom whenever you meet her, a peck for the sister when you are leaving her place post dinner…a simple thank you to the server at the restaurant after he has served the food…..all of these are “closures”.

A “closure” is more important in my head than all the acts preceding (or succeeding) it. For two reasons
1. Its your only real chance to scream back at uncle universe and let him know what a particular experience meant to you - thank the people and the elements that make them, for the experience.
2. A “closure” is also like a “clean” system shut down, it allows you to restart the next time without any hiccups and be ready for the “new” experiences.

Is the closure only with people you have had good times with? I actually think, we should also close with people who have had issues with us. Its good to walk upto somebody and say, “Mister, I hated you while I was working with you” – that admission might itself be worth the “closure”.

If you are good with closures, I believe you shall die more happily and easily….when your life passes by in those last few gasps, there will be no braces to end, and no open transactions left to commit….they shall all be “closed”….and if this final argument, does not convince you of the power of “closures”, I don’t think anything else ever will. I rest my case.

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(I learnt this by induction. I knew a few folks who looked content and peaceful with life, when I went closer to them, I realized that the one thing they all excel at is “closures”. Try and look around in your own life, and maybe we can confirm this theory out).

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