Saturday, January 30, 2010

1034 : Chili’s @ Powai revisited (restaurant review)

So I was brave enough to visit Chili’s again, after our horrible experience last time. Read more at

This time around with sister and buddy. I must say the dumbasses (I mean the folks @ Chili’s and not my pretty pretty family :-)) still don’t get it. What can you expect out of a place
- Where servers speak English but have no courtesy, manners and warmth.
- Where your soup costing you 200 odd comes in luke warm, instead of steaming hot
- Where water is a precious commodity and is only served to those dying, the rest can always survive dehydrated.
- Where those who accept the “orders” have no idea what the dish actually is, “Sir, am not sure, but might contain beans”. Aha!!
- Where the salsa sauce tastes as if it were just rescued from the garbage pail.
- Where my sis who is a confirmed foodie, who can eat a duck raw and survive, had to fall back on fruit salt (ENO) post her salad.

I believe (and now wish too!!) that this places soon dies – and is replaced with a Rajdhani or a Redbox (Sizzler joint @ Lokhandwala)

Last time I rated it 4/10, my new adjusted rating is 1/10. How low can you stoop Chili’s….way to go ))

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