Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1031 : Are you all fucked up ? (A million little pieces by James Frey)


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I just finished reading “A million little pieces” by James Frey. Its easy to debate whether it is fictional, or semi-fictional or autobiographical (for the record the official classification is non-fiction autobiography).

Whatever is the classification, this should be categorized as an OUTSTANDING tome. Its a brilliant piece of literature.

Honest, in your face and extremely well written. I am almost an addict (omigod, omigosh, oh fucking feather….of what….sex??? drugs??? alcohol??? puffs????….well, lets say, the finer things in life and I share a passionate affair, and leave it at that :-)), and I can almost relate 100% to the James Frey character especially his

- Fury
- Rejection of AA
- Rejection of God and a higher power
- Complete disregard for a system of learning or improvement
- Not holding anyone but one’s own self for where he/she is currently in life. (My favorite statement is “I am a victim of my own duplicity and compulsions”….no one else, not one single other soul is responsible for my frigging failures.)

Its a 500 page Rs. 295 steal. Its a book for the collection. Read it every few years for its brilliant prose, and of course it might give you a glimpse of a few tricks to survive life. 

Go for it, a 10 pointer.

Makes me want to write again :-)

(and '"Being Fucked Up” is definitely now going to be included in my everyday lexicon :-))

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1 comment:

Lost Soul said...

Simply outstanding. The most awesome book I have ever read in my life. I could feel I was talking to James. He has simply penned his mind onto paper.

Thanks Amitabh, I took your blog's recommendation to read this one. I feel someday if you write, I would be the first one to pick up your book. Your writing speaks from the mind directly to the reader.