Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1030 : Off the curve or in it?

Spousey and I were driving back from Pune and had this long chat about what I have termed as “being in or out of the curve”.

“Being in the curve” means being perfectly normal, and feeling normal and fitting with the normal statistical distribution of the world around you. Chasing success, money, women….having a spouse, children, expecting your children to be successful…and the whole rigmarole….get the drift?

I am self-confessed out of the curve guy. I don’t fit the normal distribution by a variation of over 6 sigma :-) I would assume.

So is being in the curve, good or bad, it is desirable or not?

As with all existential questions, the answers are not simple.

Everything we aspire for in the world – whether good or notorious comes from being “off the curve.”. Al Capone was off the curve, Osama Bin Laden is off the curve, so was Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs is, Albert Einstien was…and so was Phoolan Devi.

Deviant behavior and hence greatness comes from being off the curve.

What do we aspire for ourselves and our children?
- Fame
- Wealth
- Success

or better still
- Peace
- Happiness
- Personal Greatness

and on the worse side
- a rapist, a psychopath, and anti-civilian terrorist
- a deserter
- and everything else wrong in the world….

None of the above comes from being in the curve. You cannot become an Osho or Sri Sri or Jesus by being in the curve.

And yet?

We all clutch the curve, including the ones outside it, like me….(seriously, I do feel envious and sometimes very tempted to retrofit myself into the curve…but then I know, I can never fit in there…an earthbound misfit, I :-))

And we all aspire the 6 odd (example) attributes mentioned above in some form or shape.

Is there a big inherent paradox in our lives?

(Don’t look at me…..I don’t have an answer. This question has bothered me for many years, and yes, it has no one single answer.)

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