Sunday, January 17, 2010

1021 : Poison is your best friend

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Whatever you choose to be your poison, love them and nurture them. Why? They feed your soul (not just your cells), they show you a glimpse of paradise (without the raisins :-)) in those slim moments…..and yes, most importantly, they will eventually help you die (ask Socarates).

My poisons, top of the list include
- My mom’s coffee (More at Post 541 - Perfect kaapi (coffee) as per my mom…)
- Sis’s mulled wine
- Spousey’s and my own chai
- Anything that is red, is made from grapes and comes in a bottle :-)

(Of course, we are only talking “food” poisons here, else this would include some of my fav books and music – at the least).

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