Sunday, January 17, 2010

1018 : Movie 41 : RockNRolla

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Caught up with Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla yesterday. If you like Snatch, Boondock Saints….then this is straight up your alley.

Same wry look at the underbelly for London/UK, and the humor and fun of the movie is in the characters and their interaction. The dialogues are outlandishly creative and addictive.

I saw it without subtitles so missed a few bits where accent was too heavy, but still had a rolling time watching this one.

Some thumping background score – almost perfect.

A 10/10 in my head, straight into your DVD collection, you can see it twice back to back – its that good.


If you like all of this, then you should not miss In the Loop, thats a couch buster. You might just break your couch laughing your stomach out. More at 646 - Movie 29 - In the loop (British Comedy)

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