Saturday, January 16, 2010

1017 : This could be heaven for everyone

Last week, travelling through an alien part of this world (to me), I was sitting in a car, being driven from point A to point B. I was too preoccupied with something that needed to be closed out on that day.

As our car came to a halt, at a signal, my eyes which had been firegazing out, saw the a man without legs sitting on the “footpath”. He was sitting on a jute sack, with 2 jugs and few sacks resting behind him (functioning as pillows)….probably a sum of all his worldly possessions. His eyes were swollen, his hair disheveled, and his clothes torn.

Poverty and grime are not strangers to my part of the world, and hence apathy runs deep in all of us (including me).

What struck me, was this person was uncontrollably sobbing. He was alone. This is middle afternoon, probably 35 degrees C outside….and here is this man without legs, surrounded by his worldly possessions, sitting in the middle of a busy intersection and sobbing.

As it always does in these situations, the thought crossed my mind, we could easily have been juxtaposed, and it would not mattered a dime to this weary world !!

And by then, of course, conveniently, the car had started moving again. The earth constantly rotates around its axis :-)

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