Saturday, January 16, 2010

1013 : Who the f**k is John Galt?

You don’t really appreciate the fineness of John Galt’s Utopia, till you have really had an unbridled orgy with the animal called dis-utopia. I have had more than my fair share of those rabid carnal sessions in the recent months :-), and its has only helped me further my understanding of  John Galt and his utopian chimera, much more innately than a 1000 page book could ever help me understand.

In so many years of my perennial search for “meaning”, Rand’s “relentless pursuit of a (personal definition of) beauty” is the closest that I have come to understanding life from a philosophical sense. I have always felt that a life lived without that unrelenting desire to reach a personal zenith (not to be confused with worldly measures such as ambition and success) will have to include a hell lot of tottering and meandering.

A few close friends and loved ones definitely believe, that this “mad pursuit” of John Galt’s Utopia is a surefire recipe for eventual fall from grace and an unhappy end.

I must honestly admit, sometimes(in scalpel driven moments of introspection), I feel they are (were) right. I can clearly see the “Times – They surely are changing.” – the world around me is getting more and more successful at making pariahs out of the Galts.

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