Thursday, January 07, 2010

1011 : The culture of dreaming

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My growing up years, included an idol diet of Jack Welch, Bill Gates (and Balmer and Allen)..I remember as a 15 year old wanting to build a world class organization.

My infinite attempts at starting up (and miserably failing :-)) were all attempts at that direction.

I think we had the best shot when we were at MyZus. I remember in 99-2000, reading two definite books Lisa Endlich – Culture of Success (Goldman Sachs) and Hard Drive : Making of Microsoft Empire by James Wallace.

We wanted to fashion MyZus along these lines – and we realized culture is essential.

Both of the above books will definitely inspire you to do the best for your startup, and if not there yet, it will make you want to die to have a chance to work at MS or GS.

My fascination with Microsoft was also due to me being a tech geek at that point, and with Goldman Sachs was because I grew up surrounded by IIM folks who used to swear by a GS placement.

I am currently at a place, where culture is being built, I would recommend that the Lisa Endlich book be gift wrapped for each of the employees. Its a book more about how culture (no matter how screwed) builds a world class organization, and less about GS in itself.

And I just started re-reading it again in the past 2 days. Its a breezy read, highly recommended  - both of these books.

Of course, if today I were to make a new list of places to admire, it will contain (in no particular order)

- Apple
- Goldman Sachs
- Innocent Drinks
- Starbucks (losing culture though….???)
- Google
- Whole Foods
- Microsoft
- Zappos (now bought over by Amazon)

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Roshan said...

Hi amitabh, I still remember those magical days. If only we had been a little bit more mature maybe life would have been different today. Anyhow, let's try and be idealistic and persevere with our dreams.

Lost Soul said...

Seriously nice to hear that you are building a culture at our place.

I envy your position only becoz you have the wonderful opportunity to create your type of culture. You need not be a part of a world class organisation's culture but you can create your type of culture in your own team, your own people including me.
Hope to see somethng in action soon.

Neets said...

Stumbled upon your blog while hunting for Tochi Raina's Iktara. I was about to scoot off with my loot, then thought, why not hang around and check whats in the fridge. Should say... nice blog :)

Lovely song right?!!

Amitabh said...

Thank you neets. Your blog is neat :-) as well. Glad you found something you could take away from my fridge. I keep raiding my friends' fridge all the time (like Kramer) :-) and I find dried cucumbers in them :-)

Amitabh said...

Lost Soul, culture is a strange animal....almost just like a human body. You can't just build your biceps, you need to work out your whole body to be fit....and that my friend, is the crux of the larger dilemma !!