Sunday, January 03, 2010

1006 : On your turning away (A modern ghazal in a C minor rhapsody)

Then, a plaintive photograph in which I saw you,
In retrospect, as it always is,  I was blown away,

That, first kiss was an experience of bliss,
The understated youth in me was torn away,

The “stale” air around us recoiled at our curling up,
On the blowing wind, we decided to rapidly float away,

An inflated promise of being forever and together,
The expanding balloon was already afloat, up and away,

As years went by, the boat did roll and rock,
The then term for it was , this is sailing away,

A slippery leaking roof and a heavily fractured ego,
Our weary guess - maybe its the age giving away,

Then, an acrimonious accident, a modern mishap,
Albeit, we had by then, decided to spend the night away,

Now, a torn photograph silently flutters in the wind,
Is this is what they call as fading fast away?

(- title will sound suspiciously similar to Floyd’s On The Turning Away, and it is !!)

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SSV said...

A bit outta context .. but .. ur 6000 rpm seems to have increased to ... 9k or smthng ;) ... nice to see that ur posting has always fun to read .. though this ghazal is one im quite unaware of .. ! ..hence this quite general comment.

Amitabh said...

glad someone noticed the profile description has changed. I was wanting to change it for quite some time, but then infinite laziness enveloped me.
As for this ghazal, its by yours truly :-)
Its a english poem in ghazal metering, seriously, thought why not experiment...nothing stops us from trying out new things, except thought I would get myself outta way :-)
Its also as tragic as a Pankaj Udhas Ghazal :-)

SSV said...

OH!! ... Perhaps ghazals were the only ones feeling left out ! .. Short stories had been done .. Haiku wasnt spared either.. (in a complimentary sense though!).. Shall have to re read it .. to make sense of this floydish post ! .. hehe ..