Sunday, January 03, 2010

1004 : The real alternative (continued from my previous post)

If I do ever have kids, here’s my list of 5 must dos for them around their education and life.

1. I will choose an abode (residence) and school which gives them lots of open space. Without physical space, I think the mental outlook itself starts getting constricted (ever wondered why most of us in Bombay are so cock sure and opinionated?)

2. I will make a home (which is in my control) that surrounds them by all of the good things in life – sports equipment, music, science tools like a microscope for example, technology like a camera. If a child wishes to, she shall pick these up on his own as naturally as she learns to potty. Seriously, especially if he see his own parent do it (no, I did not mean “potty”, instead meant if she sees her mom using a camera, she will pick it up too….like my friend Prashant and his son Arjun.).

3. I will reduce transactional interaction with my child to a minimum, and instead invest only in the formative interaction. (This is a very strong belief in my head…..even as a child and even as an adult, I completely detest when someone tells me what I should do in everyday life, like “brush now”, “drink water now”… irks me completely. Thankfully my parents were completely off me from the transactional sense).

4. I will make sure my child is not at all protected from real life. I don’t want him/her not to know that we live in a dog eat dog world, which also strangely produces magical authors like Salman Rushdie. I want her to see life as it is, and not as I want her to see it. (That’s also my primarily reason for driving around the country, I want to see the country for myself as it is, in the buff… :-))

5. Last thing, I will teach her is, “passion” is a function of love and longing. You cannot be passionate about poetry one fine morning. It comes with years of association. I will teach her, that its okay to have multiple passions, its okay to choose one of them as a career, its okay to not have passion for few things we do everyday, passion can be developed….and yet, its important to remember that without that “passion” or that zeitgeist, she will never see the finer edge of life….and as I said before, she has to deal with love and longing to have passion in the first place.

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