Thursday, December 31, 2009

996 : Movie 40 : Of Morons and Idiots (3 idiots movie review)

I did catch 3 idiots with my sis yesterday. Its an interesting movie….Let me explain

What I liked
- Definitely one of the top 5 movies I have seen in the past year.
- Clean story and plot, though it does totters along at times.
- Reasonable good performances from most mainstream actors.
- Good soundtrack (songs)
- Brilliant camera work on outdoor locales (you have to see Leh/Ladakh in this movie to know why I want to drive down there, especially in the last 10 minutes…..a must watch in the theatre only for the last 10 mins)
- Chatur’s character (yes, I liked his teeny bit….)

What I disliked
- Casting is horrendous. How can Madhavan, Aamir and Sharman pass off college kids. I have been at IIT, and my own engineering college – we were unshaved unshapely youth, and not this fat adults who look and sound (at times at least) like adults. Most people like the movie inspite of this bleep, because they are in their 30-40s and relate to these over-aged college kids – as if they themselves were still in college.
- Preachy – Coming from me that is quite a lot…but I definitely think, the movie often got into preachy mode without giving any sensible context. If you preach, do give a context, instead of a moronic generalization.
- Absence of any sensible background score. Its almost a non-gratis in this movie.
- Utter lack of characterization – save for Aamir and Boman Irani – you would not know how the rest are in their reel life. There is absolutely no build up in the 160 odd minutes – hence you end up focussing only on Aamir and Boman….Is that what the director intended – if yes, why call it 3 idiots – would you make 3 musketeers and focus only on one of the amigos.
- Fake – If you sit there objectively, the  movie does feel exactly like a Chetan Bhagat book – without a soul, without a heart and not surprisingly without a head. Its a pretentious fake movie….a wannabe that never gets anywhere.

Overall, worth a watch once. I for one, will not watch it again (at least not immediately). Is over-hyped. I tried hard to like the movie, but honestly its a 7/10 on my scale, at best.

Its a movie difficult to “dislike or disagree with” because its a feel-good movie with all the right sound-bytes….for example, a movie which is against “domestic violence on women” (as an example), you really cannot disagree with such a movie, can you? So most people you meet, would say, great brilliant movie….I would suggest take it with a pinch of salt.

Give me a Sankat City over 3 idiots any day. 


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Viji said...

Now I know I am totally justified in not wanting to see this film...for even without seeing it i have felt all this and more about it and the hype and the ill mannered 3 idiots at the press conference have put me off even more

Lost Soul said...

Sorry beg to differ here..Accepted the negatives as you said but somehow I can just see the positive points ..
The movie was absolutely awesome and entertaining too especially the way it narrates the structure of the indian education..
Some questions that it raised:
1. Why does an engineer do an MBA and if he wants to do an MBA why does he want to be an engineer. Are they also lost like me what they really want to do. Why waste a degree?
2. Why does an engineer from a ivy league college (ICE) wants to study here and run away for greener pastures to the west. Need to remember that the superpower America is because of its higher educational institutions. It has constantly trained talent for the market. We train the brillaince and give it to other to develop thier countries. One of the probable reasons of the fractured India.
3. Why so much pressure towards GPAs which are obtained through scanning textbooks rather market needs.

Aamir really makes a point that he follows in his real life too that he wants to be a part of excellence rather than be no. 1. A point he constantly makes against SRK in media too. Every person has a negative too, when aamir is the cast no one else overshadows him. You do require mature actors to carry off this script.

@Viji - Do catch the movie. Big time that such good movies come in india.

Amitabh said...

Lost soul...
Have responded with my strong opinions in 2 posts 1003 and 1004.

I would have loved the movie had it been a coming of age movie like "American pie" or "dil Chahata hain".

WTF, would they want to introduce sermons into the movie, is something that got me ticked of.

I love brainless movies like Bourne that should tell you about my (lack of) taste :-)

Pratik Gupta said...

Sankat City over 3 idiots any day. ...any day, any time....for sure!!