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992 : Rebirth of slick like my gangsta moll…

Picture this.

I am waiting at a doctor’s reception. Two 30ish girls and a 30ish guy walk in sit next to me. One of these girls, a big amazonian female, starts the conversation with the guy. (It turns out later that the guy is the patient, the two ladies are for moral support).

Amazon : Do you know about past life therapy?
Guy : What is that?
Amazon : They put you under hypnosis, and then make you rewind to your previous life.
Guy : So, how does it help?
Amazon : (in hindi) But you need to know, it will help you deal with your issues.
Guy : (in hindi) Does this sort of shit really happen?
Amazon : Its upto your faith.
Amazon : You know this <identity hidden, to save my own life. I don’t want goons hunting me down :-) Gangsta buddy, its only in light hearted banter….ignore this, will ya? > kya, the gangster’s moll?
Guy : Yeah, yeah, of course, the pretty dame na.
Amazon : Well, she is a close friend of mine.
Guy : and?
Amazon : She and gangster went for this session, and they figured that 200 years ago, they were married at Goa. He was at point the prince of Goa.
Guy : (all excited by now)
Amazon : He died then at 39, and left her with 2 kids. While dying, he held her hand and said “Phir milenge”….and thats all what she remembers. She also swears that the face of today (of his) matches the face of 200 years ago.
Amazon : Bechari, even in this life she is (now) separated from her love

(at some other point Amazon says)
Amazon : Sometimes people never return back from Hypnosis, so we need to be careful. You will need a pull (a trigger) which will get you back.

(some more conversation, and then Amazon starts with case study 2)
Amazon: Achha, did I tell you folks about the Homi Bhabha story?
Guy : No
Amazon : There is this guy in Bhopal who knows all about the accident. He was one amongst the 41 Navy folks who died in 1963. You know right the guys who wear white dresses with 5 stars….., yeah, those types.
Guy : This man knows the details of  Homi Bhabha’s seat, and what food they ate, and the entire details about the flight. He is Homi Bhabha reborn.

(yada yada yada….and the story continued)

(I did a bit of googling, it is 1966, 46 navy folks and the guy was not a reincarnation of Homi Bhabha, but one of the Navy personnel. This was supposedly featured in Raaz Pichle Janam Ka on NDTV Imagine. Link at

Reproduced below for easier reading….

Bhopal resident Swati Singh, who had an unexplainable fear of heights and air travel, was taken back to her past life by renowned Mumbai
psychologist Dr Trupti Jayin for the soon to be telecast show Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka.

The past life regression therapy done on Swati revealed some shocking facts. During her regression, Swati went back to the year 1966 and saw herself as Mr. D Singh, an Indian sailor.

She then saw herself boarding an Air India flight No 101 to New York in 1966 and was part of the 46 contingent of sailors. Suddenly, while in mid-air somewhere in Geneva, smoke filled the aircraft leaving the passengers running helter-skelter only to coem face to face with their fate. The Air India flight comprising 106 passengers and the 11 crew members crashed near the summit of Mont Blanc in the Alps, leaving all 117 people dead. Swati also recollected the fact that she saw noted Indian personality, Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha, who was on his way to Vienna, in the same flight.

What left everyone shocked and astonished on the sets that the details given by Swati during her regression tallied with the exact factual details of this incident that took place in the year 1966.

Most of the passengers were Indian nationals, 46 of whom were sailors and Chairman of Indian Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha, who also died in the same air crash. Swati, who would tremble at the thought of travelling by air and panic during take-off and landing heaved a sigh of relief and felt positive post her regression. “ I was a complete sceptic and did not believe in the theory of Past Life Regression. But whatever happened to me during my regression was beyond my wildest imagination. I was shocked at the outcome of it all. I now am a believer and know that there is something beyond this world,” says Swati Singh.

There are also news reports who claimed, that Dr. Homi Jehangir Baba’s death was not an accident but a sabotage planned by the CIA The journey to her past life, done through a conscious meditative technique has left Swati Singh believing in things that she could never ever comprehend.

Source :The Times of India.

(Finally, the title of this post is adapted from “Rebirth of slick like my gangsta stroll” is from Digable Planets’ “A new refutation of time and space”, a 1991 path breaking album which brought in jazz influences to mainstream hip hop. Brilliant song and album….Highly recommended).

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