Friday, December 25, 2009

989 : Those little somethings….

I was wearing a new Citizen Ecodrive (Army canvas strap edition) today, when I went visiting my dad today.

He noticed it was a new watch. I did not even vaguely guess he might be interested, so I just casually mentioned it was a Citizen. He asked me “is it the ecological one?”.

I said yes, it is the “eco-drive”. As a courtesy, I removed it and handed it over to him.

He looked at it lovingly, and in that instant, I just mentioned, “you can have it if you want. I had bought it for a friend, but did not fit him, and hence I am using it. I already have 4 watches, and don’t really need another one.”

He continued admiring the watch silently for a few more minutes, no words exchanged. He then adorned it gingerly on his wrist, as if it were a new fancy piece of jewelry.

By then, at least 2-4 minutes had passed. Then he asked me, “How much did it cost ?”. I rendered an approximate number which sounded “very high” by his standards. He then said “ thats very costly, but its a citizen. Are you sure, you don’t want it?”

Of course, I let him have it. What touched me was, never before in my recent memory has he ever asked for a thing out of me. Even today, though he was deferent, yet, he was candid and clear that he very much liked the watch.

Tomorrow is his birthday, and he just made my job easy…..He got his own gift.

And you know what? It made me terribly terribly happy.  Like my mom, last week, asking for something that she wanted.  In both of these moments, I felt without a doubt, part of their lives, and that sense of belonging was enough to last a lifetime.

Come to think of it, asking is not always such a  bad thing….especially, if it can make someone like me so very happy.

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