Friday, December 25, 2009

988 : Mumbai to Valsad and back

In the past 4 days, I have driven to Valsad (in Gujarat) and back twice. Its a door to door 200km one way journey.

I have to say that the roads are brilliant, but the drive is horrible. Hitting Ahmedabad highway via western express highway is as nightmarish as eating Sushi in Kolhapur.

Once you hit the highway, there at 4 toll gates before you reach Valsad, each more inefficient than the previous.

I (still) enjoyed the drive, because any excuse to drive suits me fine….but given a choice, I would choose the Pune Bangalore highway for a drive anyday.

Unless you need to drive to Gujarat for pleasure or business, avoid it completely.

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1 comment:

Lost Soul said...

Hey Ami,
I share the same feelings with you but only till Vapi. Believe me the roads get amazingly good after Vapi all the way till ahmedabad. Give it a try once on the same roads. you wont regret. You would find the difference. Its a drivers treat to drive on those roads. and yeah toll naka is always a headache..I have played real life NFS on those roads ;)