Sunday, December 20, 2009

986 : Death by a thousand splendid chemicals

Someone I just about know at work, has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer, and has been advised Chemotherapy.

For those, in the unaware, “Chemotherapy” typically means 1 week of chemical overdose, followed by 1 week of rest, and 2 weeks of supposedly normal life, and then the cycle repeats. The 1 week of rest is necessary because thats how badly chemo screws up your insides.

Chemo can royally fuck up your liver, intestines, brains (seriously it kills gray cells) and not to forget the hazaar external side effects like loss of hair, eyebrows…and the whole fucking rigmarole.

Refer to my 728 - Maybe I am a fatalist - last of the trilogy --) (for now….at least) and 687 - The science of human disease (Please read…promise you it will be worth the 5 mins you “) for my radical views on disease and cancer.

I know what you are mumbling, “jackass of a drawing room preacher” !!


If I was allowed to make a sane choice, I would never ever have Chemotherapy or any of those poisons which they infuse into you. I would rather die peacefully, than elongate my life using these chemicals. But then, most times, I don’t always have choices :-)

Having said that, the walking paradox that I am….I chew about 600mg of Chemicals for an old legacy health aberration (thankfully nothing as close to Chemo or equivalent drug, and thankfully not for any tumors running wild) everyday. Why do I do that? Why not let nature take its own course.

Left to my own devices…..:-)

One last meditation – when did we as a race, forget that quality is more important than quantity?

Ibuprofen be damned !!

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