Sunday, December 20, 2009

983 : Chili’s @ Hiranandani, Powai (Restaurant Review) (It is chili’s and not chilli’s :-))


Sri, Smi, Vinod, Prashant, spousey and I had been to Chili’s recently. Its a US joint offering Mexican food. All of the others, except for spousey and me had spent considerable time @ US and were aware of what Chili’s offers.

I walked in with little or no expectation, hoping it would be a place that I would visit again and again.

We ordered Nachos with cheese, Mozarella Sticks, Veg Burgers, Chicken Salads and Non-veg palettes with wraps.

For me, what rocked was the Mozarella Sticks.

What did not was:
1. The red mexican dip sauce (whether marinating or salsa was unclear) was horrendous.
2. The deep fried chilli’s offered was equally bad.
3. The bread that came with burgers was not fresh at all, was awful and flaky.
4. The fries clearly had either been reheated or were at least an hour old.
5. The service is slower than a tortoise.
6. Why would you not offer “tap water” as an option to your clientele. Do you cook in Bisleri as well? If not, then why not offer the same water used for cooking (whatever F it is), we shall drink it?
7. Very expensive for the kind of experience offered…..(average cost per main course or starter is around 400, average cost per drink is 200 for non-alcoholic and 500 for liquor….who pays that kind of money at a sit-in in India).

It cost us around 700 a head without drinks, and hell-no, we did not overeat. WhyTF would normal people ever eat here.

I can see why Mainland China will continue to rock Powai. The dumbasses @ Chili’s @ Powai have got it all wrong. Might still work as a concept because of the desperate crowd @ Powai who shall pay anything to eat at a decent joint…..but I guess, the true VFM practitioner will strike this option of his list.

Fav places @ Powai continue to be
1. Mainland China (300-700 per head – but I can go there everyday – I love the place)
2. China House @ Galleria – (200 per head, nice decent food)
3. Paratha’s @ galleria - (100 per head, the most outstanding paratha and dal khichidi, and chhole in the world….seriously)
4. Janata Bakery @ Cypress (50 per head, stand and eat, the best veggie cheese sandwitch this side of town)

Chili’s @ Powai Hiranandani I would rate 4/10 and would definitely give it a miss, if given a choice.

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Manoj said...

Have posted your review on the community website for powai, hope you dont have any issues

check out



Unknown said...

I was at Chilis and definitely Amitabh doest know his chinese from Tex Mex. We found the food and the drinks extremely good and the crowds in the restaurant dont seem to agree with Amitabh.

Amitabh said...
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Amitabh said...

Urmila, uhh, maybe you are right..... I probably cook better than I eat. I should leave it to each to suck in suck out :-)

I truly have an inordinate amount of respect for the wisdom of the crowds, and the dance(s) of the herd. Cmon, seriously...why you laffing away :-)

Bernie David said...

They charge 145 Rs for a diet pepsi, that is about $ 3.25 for a item that is not even imported. Way too much, especially when I can go buy a diet pepsi for $ 0.50 at the grocery store.