Sunday, December 20, 2009

982 : The poet’s Triple witching

I know her (#1)  for about 1.5 years now. We still don’t know each other well, but eventually will get there. I still look at it as a fragile baby, here today, gone tomorrow. Lessons to learn? If it lasts for 3, it will last a lifetime. Blood of course is thicker than water, I genuinely believe we share our blood and genes and cribs (:-)))))).

I know her (#2) for about 6 years now. We just are there for each other. Uncomplicated and unobtrusive. We like the same things, and yet, we differ. We miss each other, but still rarely meet. We are part of each other, but we walk on different worlds. How do I put it? Its almost as if I was born out of her, which is more right than almost :-)

I know her (#3) for 13 years now. We have always lived on the edge. Neither here, nor there. We have been over the bridge, and under the water. What more do I wish for? If this is what life is meant to, then I am really beginning to love “the fine balance”. I wish for nothing more (at all).

(Just a ) Few of the many assorted tales that make my life.

(There is of course #4 who is very similar to #1, just as close and just as lovely…..and yup I share my blood (and fears) with her as well, difference being that I know her for almost 6 years.
And there is a (possible???… “feverishly hoping” on a wing and a prayer) #5, less than 20 days old…..time will tell :-)) I might spend my entire remaining life with her.)

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