Sunday, December 20, 2009

978 : Amazon Kindle

I got an Amazon Kindle for a “dear” part of me, as a Christmas gift. It was freaky that seconds before I shared it with her, she actually asked me “whether I could somehow source it for her”.

We both were marveling at the freakiness of that moment, for hours after that moment.

She seemed to love it, and I was so very glad for it, you know how terrible these surprises can turn out to be, sometimes.

I love the technology, its fantastic. This e-ink stuff rocks. I would suggest that each of us gets the new Kindle soon.

Enough of proselyting (yawn, I know…. a verb of that word does not exist….), will I buy one for myself anytime soon, thats the question?

Not really. I still think, given my recent predilection to poems, I am going to struggle with this “great” technology.

I like to scribble notes on my poems, and meditate on them.

So in case of Kindle, its the Genesis moment for me “Do as I say, but don’t do as I do”….I love the product and technology, but I wont use it myself…

For now, at least, its a NO to Kindle from me….never say never :-)


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