Friday, December 18, 2009

970 : Just a little crazy

What do you call a person who wakes up at 130am, makes himself two cups of poison, neatly chops onions and chillies to dosa batter, adds “gunpowder” to it and makes utthapum.

A little crazy…!!

(Trivia….the riff “Just a little crazy” comes from Crazy by Adamski.

If you have not heard it, please do hear “Crazy” by Adamski…… WhoTF is Adamski….well Crazy as a song, and Adamski as a group made Seal (Kiss from a rose fame) what he is today. Go grab the song, you wont regret it at all….

Years later, in early 90s (92 to be precise), George Michael used “Killer” (another Adamski monster hit) in “Papa was a rolling stone” as part of a Freddie Mercury tribute. If you have not heard that one with George’s smooth vocals….you have no idea what you are missing. Its a song which will invariably get your pulse racing, no matter what mood you are in. A monster of a “live” club song. Just remember to play it with attenuation at –20db….and keep the windows open…else the bass might shatter the glass :-)

If you cannot lay your hands on either, contact me….I might manage to help you.)

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