Sunday, September 27, 2009

791 : Of black sheep, blue herons and white tigers…




My sis bought a new book, and before she knew, I was beating the socks out of the “White Tiger” by Arvind Adiga. She gently reminded me, “did you even try reading it?”.

No, I did not, and my hopelessly muddled argument was “You don’t need to cut a finger to test the sharpness of the knife” or something to that effect.

As I am growing older, my biases are growing stronger, and I am expressing it too often. I think both of these actions are very non-Buddhist qualities (what I mean is they are not peace accretive or “they add to the entropy”)….and hence need to stop.

Okay sis….advice taken….next time, I will avoid the temptation to mouth platitudes about the “shit” before I have actually tasted it …..guffaw :-)

(PS : Later at her dinner table, I did pick up the book and read about 12-20 pages, and fortunately, my bias was bang on. Its a very unimaginative book, both in terms of prose quality and plot. I actually think, I have better prose and plots in my head. I think its time to hit the laptop running…)

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