Thursday, September 03, 2009

736 : Why know things, which ruin your happiness??

My sis and I were talking. I told her “Microwaves are highly suspect in how they deal with food. The technology basically kills all nutrients in the food. Did you know that?”

She was aghast, WTF?? and then she said “I don’t want to know it, PLEASE STOP…..I need to continue to use the microwave”.

(and here you were thinking, I was the only ostrich in my family. Let me enlighten you, these things run deep in our veins. You can never acquire ostrichdom, you are born with it :-))

This started (yet another) of our philosophical debates. (and as usual, YAWN!!!!….my ideas were radical and unkempt :-)

My point is, knowing a truth does not mean you need to respect it. For example, I know that eating eggs is “violence”, I still eat eggs (I have started it again!!). I know “plastic is bad”, I still go to a super-market and come out carrying multiple bags.

Sometimes, at least that's how it is with me, knowing is not accepting. Acceptance is a more evolved contextual process, involving an act of balancing additional information points as well.

Knowing a truth, also allows your mind to meditate on it (in the background) and constantly build upon it. Now that you know that “maybe the technology behind microwaves is suspect”, the next time you read another view on that aspect, it will build your belief (in either direction) steadily….until at a point, years later, the “pluses” so heavily outweigh the “negatives”, that you will either  continue to use it, or at one point, you may decide to junk your microwave.

In my own personal life, my decision to switch to brown sugar, my complete hatred of jewellery (as it is made in India at least), my revulsion to doctors and medicines….is all born out of a single such germ of a truth that someone threw in my direction years ago. Today, my views in those aspects are  heavily re-inforced by years of external “information points” floating in – and hence, opinions have been cast.

Moral of the story, let the “truths” keep flowing in, don’t resist them – you can always embrace or reject them at a later date. Meanwhile, till then, continue with your rickety life, as if, the only “truth” is, the one contained in the bread you are chewing now.

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Praveen said...

be open to all truths and lies...and select ones which u ur own way..thts the point :)

Amitabh said...

I would tend to agree, except to be more specific, we "select" what we want to adopt, but that should not preclude our acknowledgement that truths are "truths"....