Thursday, September 03, 2009

734 : A sensitive and caring gesture.

I do hear now and then from people who read my blog. Today I heard from a lady who once used to be a colleague of mine.

She read some of my last few OTT posts and asked me in a voice full of genuine concern “Do you really have prostate cancer?”

My answer to her and all of you out there is, hell no, that was just an example.

But what really touched me was to see her being very sensitive and caring in that mail. It was carefully composed to the degree that I could not detect a hint of a wrong foot. She even shared a bit of her own personal experiences with me.

I read that mail, and went “aha! never knew that side of her”. How many people do you fleetingly know of, to whom you can attribute, “gentle”, “caring” and “sensitive” as adjectives?

Not many, right!! Lady, take a bow. You not only impressed a great deal of respect in my heart for you, but you also made me (once again!!) believe that some fundamental human values will never go out of fashion.

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