Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post 536 : Unfinished Business

Some of us lay in the cusp between life and death for quite some time…variously ageing, coma, bed-ridden, unhappy, cranky…..

At these points, the fence-sitter falls on either side eventually. How soon will he/she fall, and on which side (death/life) is determined by two simple parameters.

1. Desire to live : You want to live, because you love the life you have.
2. Unfinished business : You want to live, because you want to finish – execute upon a last attachment, before dying.

The first one will definitely pull you through, the second one will push you across as soon as the unfinished business is done.

Post 535 : David Gilmour Live in Gnadsk

I was at PlanetM today and was generally browsing around, when I chanced upon this album.

Floyd has always had a very special place in my heart and I had to pick this up. The version I picked up includes 2CDs and 1 DVD.

The live show is awesome….esp. the baltic philharmonic part.

As I was hearing/seeing the video, felt very nostalgic and emotional. This is stuff I grew up on. I loved Floyd  (and still do). For some reason, I felt very heavy in my heart today to see an aging David Gilmour perform with as much valour and splendour as we have always expected from Floyd (and ex-Floydians).

This post was just to pay a silent tribute to the folks @ Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David Gilmour. They have had a big influence in my music and life.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Post 534 : Introspection and a few random thoughts

Death makes you introspect. You look at life with a complete new set of (temporary....they will abrade away with time) filters.

I cannot help but tell myself....
1. Live is short, sweet and a see-saw. The more we make of it, the more it becomes.
2. Hug people you love at every chance. There might never be a next time.
3. Make a sincere effort to be on the good side of karma, and try and add a little value to people you love and care. (e.g. If you dad loves a smoke, and if his health allows it, go share a drag with him. That image will be with you all your life).
4. Shower gifts, love and surprises on the world around you. There is joy and good karma in giving. I sincerely believe, if you give, you will get.
5. Respect the old and frail souls. They are special, they are beqeuathing this world to you.
6. Respect strangers. No use screaming at the watchman or security old man in any shape is a chacha and a young woman in any shape is a sister. Respec them.
7. Give way. Don't hurry in traffic, in queues, in supermarkets and other spots. Give up on your position, it is good karma.
8. Dont procastinate. The Leh trip you always needed to go to, do it now, rather than next year. Living a deferred existence is the worse life you can live.
9. Enjoy what you enjoy. If a good car is what you want, go for it, dont save for retirement, that might never be an option.

Live today and be happy. Make others happy. Give as much as you can to others (both know and unknown).

Life is precious, treat it with due respect.

So much so for my drawing room preaching, till my temporary lens filter wanes off and the dog eat dog world beckons me back !! Till then....

Post 533 : Shiny happy people

Someone dear and aged is passing away. I am part of the family. I am seeing a lot of his peers coming to meet him and the rest of his family.

His peers are all 70+. Some common traits in these folks:
1. They are all aged (which is obvious from the previous point).
2. They all have health and economic problems (strangely, they are all economically challenged).
3. All their children have moved away, as in, they have continued with their lives leaving their parents behind to fend off for themselves.

and yet....

Examples of people I have met:
1. Have finished their dialysis for the day and then come and met us. They do dialysis twice a week, and speak of it as it were their weekly dinner @ Hard Rock Cafe.
2. I met someone whose wife expired last year, but their son (who is supposedly a multi-millionaire in NJ) did not come visiting.
3. Someone whose wife has split personality dis-order, amnesia, dialysis - he himself runs a raddi paper ka shop, has lost his son, his daughter in law makes khakras and sells them - they just about makes ends meet.
I can go on and on with these examples.

I was often left with a sense of melancholy, tragedy - but invariably with also a overwhelming sense of respect.

These are folks who are in their silver years, battling it alone, against a world gone sour....and yet their spirits and grit were alive and kicking.

They sorely missed children, family, friends, but never once seemed to grudge...they instead narrated past stories with a sense of joy and nostalgia.

I look at my own generation in search of a quick fix and the dope of instant gratification.

Why do we assume we will never grow old?

A silent tribute to the shiny, happy make me want to hug and kiss you all. Thank you for giving us this world, and thank you for your grace and poise.

Post 532 : The (forgotten) art of dying (and letting die)

I have been surrounded by death in the past few days. Someone close and dear is passing away. It ist emotional draining, but it is not very bad.

He is in coma, is dying a fairly (physically) peaceful death.

My only crib...
I am strong believer in the Tibetan mode of dying....Unfettered, peaceful and I really believe that the crying, sobbing and dramatics just makes the process of dying so much more difficult for the person in question. I would rather leave him alone, get someone to pray with him (rather than for him....), especially prayers he believed in. (Wonder what I wish for an atheist like myself....).

Yet the modern hospital is a complete violation of this dogma (I know the word has only negative connotations in recent usage, but I still think that is the right word).

Tubes, pipes, ventilators,catherdrals, measuring probes, iv fluids....and what not. The person who is dying in my opinion (and thats fashioned on the Tibetan thoughts) is as good as being tortured in this case.

In my sincere opinion, if we know someone is dying the first thing we should do is move him/her into natural surroundings, allow him to be natural, and maybe help him ease into the process of dying. I think more than the observors, the actor himself is at the heart of the trauma, he needs most help.

Prayers, peaceful hymns, his favorite song, his favorite photo album, his favorite daughter, his favorite food (if he can consume it)....Let him remember the joy of living in his last moments. Shower him with hugs, laugh with him, kiss him and be kissed.

And contrast this with the weeping, the sad long drawn faces I have seen next to him in the past few days.

The dying will die whether we help them or not.....we dont control the physical aspect.
Helping them, makes this grand finale more human and acceptable to both the living and the dying. Every death is that of a truth, of an entity who could be touched, felt and enjoyed. Lets remember him for that, rather than the 5 errors of his live.

Le roi est mort, vive le roi !!

Post 531 : Bordering the surreal and absurd - Bull in Economic Times

From Economic Times on 7th Feb 2009.
Anti-Climax by Bull

FOR ALL the new wave Bollywood directors who claim that they are making hatke films, here is one Hindi movie that they would do well to see. It is wild, whacky, inspired, ludicrous — one could run out of adjectives trying to describe this movie. Welcome to the bizarre world of a movie that goes by the name of Rani aur Lal Pari (1975). Having watched the movie years ago, I am still not sure which of the following is true.

The director of this film, Ravi Nagaich, made this while he was smoking some really potent stuff or else he is a twisted genius of a kind who conceived this phantasmagoric celluloid rendition. Cinderella, Gulliver, Lilliputtians mermaids, parees, Yamraj, the god of death all in one film is not something that the aam director could ever imagine.

The story bulls you into ‘Oh my God another one of those tearjerkers’ given its innocuous beginning. Asha Parekh, whose husband is away, and her young daughter Rani, are being tyrannized by her relatives. So when Asha Parekh meets with an accident and is on her way to Yama’s abode, you are all set to turn off the DVD.

But as the old saying goes that there is no gain without pain and here is where the real action kicks. Rani decides that she will bring her mother back from the dead. The problem is she does not know how. Enter little boy who is Rani’s friend, who tells her that the way to heaven is from below the earth. His logic for why this is possible is one of the highlights of the movie so I am not going to be a spoiler. Anyways cuckoo Rani follows chubby boy’s advice and decides to take a walk into the deep sees (literally) and make her way to Yamraj. In the course of her journey she encounters Cinderella, played by Neetu Singh. The Cinderella sequence is one giant song sequence (It lasted at least 10-12 minutes.

Diclaimer: I might have been delusional by this point) and the entire story is enacted by Neetu Singh and Jeetendra, who plays Prince Charming. Don’t ask me what the child is doing in the entire thing for by the time the song started I was like Alice in Wonderland, too dazed and confused. Then there is the Gulliver bit (also set in a giant song) wherein Feroz Khan reprises Jonathan Swift’s most famous character with Jagdeep as the king of Lilliputians!

The animation is hideous and you wonder what great satire this might have inspired Swift to. Add to all this is an allusion to The Little Mermaid but with Padma Khanna being the mermaid, little is perhaps not an apt prefix to mermaid. If you are wondering where the Lal Pari is in all this, then well you have Reena Roy, with a wand and wings clipped to her back popping in and out of frames.

Invariably Lal Pari is busy smothering the child and weeping with her. The show rolls on through all these escapades/misadventures/accidents call it what you will as the kid continues her journey towards Yamraj. The special effects are a scream, the scary creatures/demons a riot and the sheer ‘badness quotient’ of the film makes you marvel.

Finally, Rani does get to Yamraj-played by Premnath, who is forced to reveal what must be one of the ugliest of paunches and revolting of upper bodies ever sported by a male in the history of Hindi films. Nevertheless, the God of death tells the girl mama cannot come alive and she must ask for something else. The kid says she wants a younger brother. Premnath laughs like a man possessed about being tricked by Rani. Rani’s return journey is uneventful and naturally when she reaches the hospital her comatose mother with patti (bandage) is revived and her father, Rajendra Kumar, is back. For once I must say that words are never going to do justice to a movie such as this and while I have tried my best, seeing it is the only way to believe how bad, bad really can be.

Post 530 : Mayank Shekar (India's very own pub culture)

Liked this post by Mayank immensely. Esp. the way it is written with satire and wit.
Have copied it inline to make for easier reading. The original is available here....
The whole sentiment of why a MNS youth or a Ram Sena youth is violent and anti-social is effectively conveyed in this article, in that sense it is fairly scathing.

India's own pub culture
It exists in our bars, where men down one whiskey after another in the dim light of bulbs, with morose music in the background, but no one feels the need to socialise

Quite likely, you haven’t been to a bar in Patna. Most locals haven’t. Mayur used to be a popular one; Amrapali is better. Fried peanuts are the free snack of choice. Light-bulbs that hang low from the ceiling are so dim, you can barely tell the person opposite you, let alone the table beside.

This is where boys and men sip double Aristocrat Premiums or Officer’s Choice one after another, between heavy drags of chhota Gold’s Flake. On a light day, a beer would mean an eight per cent alcohol Guru or Thunderbolt or now, the Kingfisher Strong, reputably mixed with whiskey again.
You’d be the luckiest ever to find for yourself the rare ‘ledger’, or what the ‘western world’ prefers for a regular lager. It’s usually available at one or two hotel bars, often for weakling tourists who don’t understand the idea of drinking.The point is to get drunk immaculate. No one socialises at Mayur. The mood is hushed.
They sit quiet and merely stretch their hands to the glass to gulp or pour another drink. Everyone is on their own high. Too much talk could disturb precious self-esteem. It bears the risk of an argument and a brawl at the end of the night.
The music is often depressing notes of unrequited love, or verses in praise of a woman’s eyes. It isn’t that alcohol doesn’t make Suresh, sitting in the corner, move. He dances, but only at weddings, where men gyrate against men because one of their friends is finally getting married. Suresh’s turn will come soon as well, and without him having to do much for it.
Wooing a girl is a social hassle. Good girls stay among good girls; and men will be men. Never the two must mix. Families prefer it this way. Over time, a frustrated Suresh anyway turns out as someone you would never trust your unmarried daughter with.
Parents will find for him a girl, once Suresh finds himself a job. Religion and caste will protect this wonderful arrangement of class. If Suresh gets lucky with neither a job nor, therefore, a girl, which is relatively rare, there is always dadagiri and street-activism to express his failure on others, and pass his judgement to the unfair world.
Politicians love such a Suresh. He gives them strength on the street.If he is brought up better and too sane to be violent, he’s more likely to be drinking quiet at his den, Mayur. February 14 isn’t still a date he marks excitedly on his calendar as Valentine’s Day. A boy holding a girl’s hand is for Suresh a moment of severe envy and deep resentment. He can’t stand those lost in love. He can barely fathom the fun they have at an afternoon disco, that too dancing. He cannot have it. He’d rather have them shut down. There was one in Patna. It did shut down.
Mayur, the bar, closes early. No one complains. It doesn’t take too long to get trashed over 8 quick double shots of Officer’s Choice. Everyone eventually stagger out; eyes blood-red; off to the nearest paan shop to kill the bad breath. You wouldn’t want your sister or girlfriend near that bar; ideally nowhere close to that paan-shop. She’ll be cat-called and stared at, until she is uncomfortable enough to leave.
‘Respected’ people get sozzled at home, ideally on the terrace, under the moonlight, over aggressive business conversations. Women, the wives, have been trained by tradition to serve soda and fresh pakodas on a floral plastic tray, before late dinner, and a drunken husband in bed.
Whether Malegaon or Mangalore, it’s no different. This is India’s pub culture. We must fear a western influence to this lovely world. It suits some.
• When he is not busy being world weary, Mayank Shekhar writes on movies

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post 527 : Learning my swansong 8 (very irregular)

It still the same 4 ragas down. In Jan, it was only 8 out of a possible 31 days.
Since 7th Aug 2008, the total so far is 100 out of 177 days.
This tracking reminds me that my life is a mess. Need to get my priorities straight.

Post 526 : Weight Watcher 20

Today I finish 2 years since I started tracking my excercise (I was going to say "since I started excercising regularly", but thats now a complete give up...)

In Jan I managed 21 out of a total of 31, after a long time did more than 20 days in a month.

I lost the 3 additional kgs, am back to 86.

Now my total is725 days until Jan end of which we have I have worked out on 356 days. Less than 50%, hope to get that to a better percentage soon.

Post 525 : The chips are down...

Stocks are hammered. The only real people I have respected for their stock opinions (about India that is), Jim Rogers and Shankar Sharma both seem to believe this is going to be the mother of all bear markets. It does not help that these are perennial bears.

My portfolio has been slaugthered. Learnt quite a few (more) lessons along the way.

The good part is, I am finding unbelievable bargains in the market. Hope to make it big once the mother of bear markets is over (hopefully by 2012).

My current favorite stocks include...
Titan - fundamentally strong franchise and trust. (CMP 800, like it below 900)
Gitanjali - They have some phenomenal brands. My only nagging worry is Mehul Choksi does not turn out to be a Raju. (CMP 46, like it below 90)
Natco Pharma - good pipeline of CRAM orders and some good generic portfolio (CMP 46, like it below 70)
BGR Energy Systems - looks poised to ride the downturn, inspite of the power sector going through tough times. (CMP 145 like it below 180)
Firstsource - a good BPO. I hope they last out this downturn (CMP 12, like it below 20)
Religare - smartest guys in the room - sitting with 5-6bn USD cash and a extremely organised and thriving I-banking and brokerage business. (CMP 320, like it below 400)
Pantaloon Retail - great brands (CMP 160, like it below 240)
Asian Paints - old warhouse, not a multi-bagger but a steady 20% growth per year. (CMP 750 like it below 800)
Tata Chemicals - monopoly in caustic soda (CMP 150, like it below 180)
Monsanto India - one of my old favs. ....I hate the company on ethical grounds (GM foods) but think its a great 20-30% year stock. (CMP 1300, like it below 1400)
Entertainment Network - BCCL company. Great OOH franchise. (CMP 130, like it below 200)
Glenmark Pharma - One of the best runs pharma mid caps (CMP 120, like it below 240)
Moser Baer - I goto planetm and all I see is Moser Baer CDs and someone is almost always buying them. Something must be right, but its not reflected in the stock price though. (CMP 61, like it below 200)
3i Infotech - a good IT mid-cap with gauranteed revenues from one of the biggest banks in Asia.
Tata Investment - strong book value, high dividend yeild and finally a TATA company. (CMP 35, like it below 50)
Infosys Technologies - I wont comment on them, they are beyond that now. (CMP 1300, like it below 1500)
Subex - A great telecom product franchise. Subash Menon is a good leader. (CMP 25, like it below 50)
Sintex - Moulded plastics and textiles. (CMP 130, like it below 200)
Mount everest mineral water - makers of the great "himalaya" brand water. Now a Tata company. (CMP 60, like it below 140)
Indage Vinters - Grover Vineyard at nashik. makers of chantilli. (CMP 80, like it below 140)
Indian Hotels - The iconic taj and ginger. (CMP 40, like it below 70)
Kamat Hotels - Orchid, VITS and the Vithal Kamat gang. (CMP 35, like it below 50)
Geometric - Niche software services. Manu Parpia run...(CMP 18, like it below 40)

Comments invited

Post 524 : Munnabhi MCP (from

This one is from
Reproduced here so that you can read it without leaving this blog...below is cut and paste from the other blog, written by Amit V


In the WTF Q&A of the day with The Times of India, Sanjay Dutt insists that he belongs to the 19th century.

Dutt: Girls who become part of a new family after marriage must assume their new surname and all the responsibilities that come with it.
ToI: Is that a message to Priya?
Dutt: That’s a message not just to my sisters, but to all girls who hang on to their parents’ surname. It’s become fashionable these days. But I strongly feel that doing so disrespects the person they’ve married.
ToI: Those are strong words.
Dutt: This may sound harsh, but if Manyata had said that she wanted to retain her father’s surname, I would’ve felt offended.

I wonder if he’s put a dog collar on Manyata—just in case, you know. There are more priceless quotes in the interview, such as when he says, “no sister gets along with her brother’s wife.” And: “Politics is a golden opportunity to put an end to unwanted films.”

I used to think that the misdemeanors of Dutt’s youth were a result of his immaturity at the time. But it’s clear now that the guy is just a macho buffoon. And what’s a good place for a macho buffoon from a filmi family? Bollywood, that’s where.

This is me (Amitabh) again. I completely agree with Amit's views though. Sanjay is a jackass not just for his views on surnames, just the way he has conducted himself even during the anti-terror trials.

And to think, we are fielding him to be a potential MP.....

Go with the flow, this is India.

Post 523 : Go with the flow....

(I am in a preachy mood today...thats what a hospital does to makes you pontificate!!)

Waiting outside a surgery room teaches you a lot of basic values. There are these folks who run every 15 mins and hope to see an update, and then are people like me who just sit and blog. My rationale, I dont control much, so I had rather go with the flow.

I am a staunch believer of the zen riddle "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" holds the answers to most of life's problems which are connected to "waiting" or patience.

My interpretation is, whether you there or not, whether a sound is made or not, whether a tree fell or not, "I" will only get to know when I am supposed to know it, when I get close to the event. So why try and so a depth-first think through of all end points associated with the event.

Go slow with the event, time will unravel itself when and if it has to. If you are waiting outside a docs clinic, he will meet you when he is supposed to meet you, no matter how much you fret or harass the receptionist.

I see numerous examples where people cause themselves and others angst just because they want to know the event as it happens, not when the event wants to reveal itself to you.

I often get tired, hungry and thristy waiting for things, but never really frustrated, because I really believe that the event will reveal itself when its supposed to, not when we want it to. Wait for the dance and play to unfold, hurrying does not help in this case at all.

Post 522 : God is in the destiny

I find the habit of starting to pray and do(yagnas) and all other mumbo-jumbo before a big (personal) event, very perplexing. (whether that be for getting a Visa or for Sachin scoring a century or for getting a promotion or for someone's health....)

My theories around these are as obscure and gothic as well....

In my rotund theory - you are part of this gigantic maze. A game where every move can potentially upset others in the game. I also feel there is a web of interconnectedness that moves us. I for one is a strong believer in us being a large gigantic social organism (just like our body is composed of several trillion indepdent living cells. A small cell somewhere forming cancerous behavior (running amok) can screw a large part of the body). Given these beliefs, I do centrally agree that we can alter our destinies, by a group us (cancerous cells) willing to conspire/gang up against the grain.

Side effects? Many.

Me altering my fundamental behavior (destiny) might potentially screw up many other destinies. That for me is a fundamental conflict and a reciepe for bad karma.

Would you like to get that promotion by screwing 20 others along the way. I am guessing the answer for most folks is a "no".

If that assumption is correct, then why would we want to believe a higher power(a flawed belief are the power) would be biased/partial to you at the risk of blowing other people up. And even if, such a higher power exists, would you want to deal with him ? (Example in real life, the mafia can esily control your and 1000 other lives. Do common people like us go out to them and request them to control our destinies.)

Inability to accept everything in life as game which is playing out, is essentially the root of our own expectation/happiness quotient mis-match.

Think of life as java program, that has spawn 1 billion real time objects. Can a few objects bring the program down by running amok (memory leak)...of course they can? Can the fricking programmer do anything to change/stop that? Not really :
1. He would not exactly know who is the trouble-maker till its very late.
2. He could not correct most things at run-time, he has bring the whole system down (kill the billion objects) and restart.
3. Will he have a bias towards one particular object instance against another...of course not, he would not be even aware of each of their existence.

We are all real time objects. Every time more than a critical number of objects mis-behave the system is forced to shut down and restart. Can a few objects conspire with each other to hog the resources? Yes they can.
Do you want to be one such object? The answer to this question will determine whether you will pray for favors.

Post 521 : Music 47 : Alvida (Dasvidaniya)

This is a classic Kailash Kher vocal histronics song. Not too great lyrics, but simply amazing vocals by Kailash.
Definitely in the top song list for 2008

1. Pichle Saat Dinon Mein (Rock On!!)
2. Bheeni Bheeni Mehki Mehki (Welcome to Sajjanpur)
3. Sinbad the Sailor (Rock on!!)
4. Kuch Khaas Hai (Fashion)
5. Mar Jawaan (Fashion)
6. Alvida (Dasvidaniya)
7. Khabar Nahi(Dostana)
8. Lazy Lamhe (Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic)
9. Miit Jaye (Kidnap)
Jag Suna Suna Thera Thera Sa..
Mera Sapna Apna Ghera Ghera Sa..) - 2
Sare Sehar Ki Jagmag Ke Bitar Hai Andhera
Har Muskan Ke Peeche Chupa Hua Gum Ka Chehra
Yehi Hai Sach To Harpal Ko Jee Lu Mein Jee Bhar Ke
Aur Has Has Ke Yeh Keh Dun Dukho Ke Pathar Se.....
Alvida...... Alvida......, Alvida...... Alvida......
Koi Waqt Ke Aage Hara Hara Sa..
Koi Pyaar Mein Firta Mara Mara Sa..

Dil Ke Riston Mein Kyon Dard Hamesha Milta Hai
Aur Kyon Kaanton Per Hi Phool Sukho Ka Khilta Hai
Yehi Hai Sach To Mein Iss Sach Ko Hi Apnaunga
Mar Bhi Jaunga To Mein Pyaar Amar Kar Jaunga......
Alvida...... Alvida......, Alvida...... Alvida......
Alvida...... Alvida......, Alvida...... Alvida......
(Zindagi Na Mil Ajnabi Banke) - 2
(Bandagi Shamil Har Dua Banke) - 2
Zindagi Na Mil Ajnabi Banke
Bandagi Shamil Har Dua Banke

Post 520 : Kabir Doha

From the Kabir Project Site.

"Haan kahoon toh hai nahi
Naa bhi kahiyo nahi jaave
Haan aur na ke beech mein
Mora Sadguru rahaa samaye"

"If I say Yes it isn't so
And yet I cannot say it's No
That's where my guru resides
Between that Yes and No"

Post 519 : The moth-king and the flies...

Was watching Documentary 24*7 (telecast on NDTV, the channel we just villified a few posts ago!!, well, there is some hope still left). Their current series is a set of docs on Kabir by Shabnam Virmani as part of the Kabir Project. I seen a few epsiodes twice already and still continue to watch them enriched and enthralled....

In one of the episodes, one of the protagonists narrates this interesting story. Transcribing this from memory, so excuse my creative liberties.

One day a group of flies reach to the moth colony and seek audience with the leaders out there. When they finally meet the Shah of moths (King of moths), they seek equal respect and recognition.

Fly1 : Shah of Moths, we (flies) can fly faster, are more nimle than moths. We also are more adaptable, and yet....moths enjoy this reputation and admiration which we are not privy to. All sufis want to be like moths. The way we see it, just because you seek light (like the sufis), they metaphorically identify with you, instead of with us. We feel this is unfair, we want our share of admirers in the world. More importantly, we henceforth want to called as moths.

Moth-King: Before we can do that, we have to make sure all your claims are correct. A batch of moths will leave tomorrow morning in search of the flame (light). You can leave with them at the same time. Go find the light and then we can consider your request.

Fly2 : (all enthu) Sure.

(Next morning, flies leave with the batch of moths. Come evening, they all assemble back at the Shah's court.)

Fly1 : I flew high and far, and found the light in the form of a candle.
Fly2 : I found a tubelight.
Fly3 : I found a cooking gas light.
Fly 4 : I found the holy lamp in a temple.

Fly n : I found the light in the crematorium.

Fly1: So Shah, now that all of us have strived to find the light and we all have found it. None of your moths are back (chuckle!!) I think they are still searching (chuckle again). Do you now recognize we are equals, if not better than your moths.

Shah (after a long gaze and thought) : If you had really found "the light" you would not be here, just like my moths.

(If they would have found the light, they would have fused with it.....rather than brining that claim back as if it were some sort of a certificate).

Post 518 : Music 46 : Arziyan - Delhi 6

This song makes me want to pray. Not because of the beauty of the lyrics or the voice or the music or the video (all of which are outstanding). Its just that all those seem real. Rahman, Prasoon and Rakyesh all seem to have immersed into trip as if it were a Mecca trip of a lifetime. The result is a creation far out of the ordinary, its nothing short of divine. Should rank as one of the best song in praise of the Lord, I have heard in Hindi films.
Kailash Kher and Javed Ali have sung this as if it were really a prayer (an Arzi, a request). The passion shows.

Arziyan saari main,
Chehre pe likh ke laaya hu,
Tum se kya maangu main,
Tum khud hi samajh lo,
Ya maula.. maula maula..Mere maula..maula…Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Maula maula maula maula,

Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Mere maula..Tere darr pe jhuka hu, mita hu bana hu,
Tere darr pe jhuka hu, mita hu bana hu,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula..

[Jo bhi tere darr aaya, jhukne jo sar aaya,Mastiyaan piye sab ko,jhoomta nazar aaya] -2

Pyaas leke aaya tha dariyaa wo bhar laaya,
Noor ki baarish mein bheegta sa tarr aaya,
Noor ki baarish mein ohhoooo,
Noor ki baarish mein bheegta sa tarr aaya,
Maula maula maula mere maula,

Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Mere maula..

[Jo bhi tere darr aaya, jhukne jo sar aaya,Mastiyaan piye sab ko,jhoomta nazar aaya] -2 times
Hooo ek khushbu aati thi,
Hooo ek khushbu aati thi,
Main bhatakta jaata tha,
Reshmi si maaya thi,
Aur main taktaa jaata tha,
Jab teri gali aaya, sach tabhi nazar aaya – 2 times

Mujh mein hi woh khushbu thi,
Jisse tune milwaya,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,Mere maula..
Haaa…aaaa…Toot ke bikharna mujhko zarur aata hai,
Hoooo toot ke bikharna mujhko zarur aata hai,
Warna ibaadat wala shahur aata hai,
Sajde mein rehne do,
ab kahin naa jaunga,
Sajde mein rehne do,
ab kahin naa jaunga,
Ab jo tumne thukraya to sawar naa paaunga,
Maula maula maula mere maula
Maula maula maula maula
Maula maula maula maula
Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,

Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,Mere maula..
Sar utha ke maine to kitni khwahishein ki thi,
Kitne khwab dekhe the,
kitni koshishein ki thi,
Jab tu rubaroo aaya, aaaa,
Jab tu rubaroo aaya,

nazre naa mila paaya,
Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein,
hooo Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein maine kya nahi paaya,
[Maula maula maula mere maula,Maula maula maula mere maula,Maula maula maula maula,Maula maula maula maula]- 2 times

Mere maula..mere maula…
[Mora piya ghar aaya, mora piya ghar aaya,Mora piya ghar aaya, mora piya ghar aaya] – 4
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Mere maula maula maula maula,
Mere maula maula maula maula,
Mere maula…

Post 517 : Barkha Dutt and the fall of NDTV...

I grew up fed on a diet of "The world this week" by Pranoy Roy. We all hold a special place in our heart for NDTV.
In the early years, I used to be a big admirer of Barkha Dutt. The more I see of this lady, the more I am sure, every dog has to die (whether it barks or not!!)
In her case, she is going down barking. If you see how she and her intelligence on "We the People" have deteriorated, then you will know what I mean. If you had read her (idiotic) defense of NDTV's coverage of Mumbai's 26/11, then you would have been sure that the end can't be very far away.

I spent a few minutes yesterday, trying to think of a reason why? Only one word kept resounding in my head.


The latest is the apology by Chetanya Kunte....All over blogs. Read it at Rishi's blog.....

I will be amused and entertained if NDTV comes after me as well. I too think they were shoddy so are most of their new anchors and programming. (Ooh la la....I am defamed !!)

Does NDTV realize that blogs work in mysterious way? In the business they are in, negative branding is a death knell for credibility.

Post 516 : Magic of technology

We take things for granted.
I am sitting outside a hospital room, where a complicated surgery is taking place and I am posting this online. Who would have thought this was possible say in the early 90s.
And today, if this does not happen, I am annoyed, angry and curse the infrastructure.

We assume, we take for granted and worst, we abuse!!

Jai Ho, to technology!!

Post 515 : The God of small things...

I am never tired of screaming out aloud that at heart, I am a complete atheist. I disagree with the idea that a power greater than you exists. (This is not hubris!!). What I mean is, you are part of the "GOD".

Let me explain. My recent theories (and I am drawing room preacher) make me believe that the "GOD" is within you. When you pray (which you must), you are simply invoking a part of you and the rest of the universe to have a conversation.

Destiny is nothing but an interconnected pattern between the rest, my mind and me (notice, my mind and me are seperate...a la matrix!!). When I pray, I am appealing to the goodness of all the three (the power of 3!!).

Why should a deeper intelligence than my concsious being exist? Lots of examples to illustrate:
1. When you gnash yourself, how does the body repair itself? I dont even think about it even for a second, but it works like clockwork.
2. The first example was still a special case, but kidneys, liver, lungs, (even the ) brain....why forget the heart. Do I even remotely control any of these? So who controls them, if your answer is "the brain". How does the liver of a brain dead person work?. I am sure physiologically, science has quite a few answers. ....
3. One day suddenly a chair which has not been touched for years, cracks and falls. Who decides, at what point should the chair fall? Surely, in an (assumedly) deterministic world, nothing can be random or without a reason.
4. Bell's theorem states that twin particles who are seperated by billions of light years will still instantly communicate. The famous example is take a set of twins (one having a clockwise and another anti-clockwise compensating) spin. Seperate them by a billion miles, one alter one of them, say reverse the spin of the clockwise spinner....and at the same instant, the other twin will reverse on its own, to continue the compensating spin. (The magic is not just in the supposed instant communication, its also that 2 destinies can be so interwined....and if we alter the destiny of one, the other will compensate. If you understand and agree with this, you will never ask for one thing ever to be altered in your it your height, weight, wife, money, luck, job....because though that alteration might happen, but abstracted from you the compensations which we wont be aware of, might catch others by surprise).
5. The day we have understood, who decides between an atom-photon state, who decides when a cell is going to turn cancerous, who decides that at this point the body is going to be lifeless, where is the intelligence to form a body from a single cell stored.....when we have answered even one of these questions well, we will have found our GOD.

Post 514 : House Warming....

Buddy Prashant (and Nitya) has just finished doing up his home and has moved in. This post is to congratulate him and wish him and fly (We are Indians :-)) a great ball on the wire.

On the subject of houses. Its about 7 months since I moved into my own. I have a few learning's around this experience :
1. A home has to be nurtured, just like a baby. It requires continuous interaction, embellishments, the whistles and dont you forget the bells.
2. Dont mend it to suit what an interior book says, but mend it to suit you. Your house is you. You ask, sounds good, but what does it really mean?
- If your mind is clean as a carpet, then keep the house simple spartan.
- My own mind is random, unstructured and fairly protean. My reflects that, it has books, music, music instruments, dvds, art (I really love surrounded by the creations of one's mind) and not to mention a fully functional kitchen ( I enjoy cooking).
- Give your house a share of metal. Metals tended to take the sheen (and I mean this in a positive sense) out of the home. They cool the house and reduce the invariable hubris it might bring along. (If this sounds mumbo-jumbo....simple example, take a copper glass, fill it with water and drink it 8 hours later. You will suffer some side effect (most commonly fever). Metals do interact with us, just like any other material....its just that others like wood, stone show effects much later. My personal favorite is yellow metals (not gold!!, but brass & copper). They tend to ring in a air of rootedness.)
-Don't cut corners, break mental price barriers. Does not make sense if you buy a house worth 40L and then decide I will use Mosaic tiles instead of granite. Just assume you instead paid 41L for the house and go for granite.

3. My most important realization - a home is as good as its contents. A smiling family, good aromas, excellent sounds (music)....all contribute to the character and upbringing of the home.

My idea was not to be preachy, but rather to share ideas which influenced my outlook to the home. Hope that helped.

And coming back to the original point, congrats to Prashant and Nitya. Tons of good feelers, the house looks lovely in photos.