Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post 487 : Movie 18 The Dark Knight

I have already posted so much about this movie in the day today. I wont bore you much more, just few quick points:

1. Its not a traditional super hero movie. In this case the hero is more human than hero.
2. The evil guy hogs the limelight, but not for once does he come out glorified. Batman (the good guy) is always the fall guy. “Good” actually loses quite a bit in this movie, but you and I come out still wanting to be the “good”.
3. Stark, dark imagery.
4. Some razorsharp cinematic execution/editing – key ones- the bank robbery at the start, the trailer chase of Harvey Dent (where they showcase the Batmobile in full glory), the jettys towards the end and the 10 minutes around the detonator scene…
5. Gotham looks like New York.
6. Extremely realistic movie
7. Questions/explores the moral fibre of the world around us.
8. Imminently leagues ahead of the run of the mill everyday movie. This should be a cult classic.
9. Heath Ledger as the Joker is menacing.

In short a 9/10 movie. Go hit it.

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1 comment:

Vivekanand Kini said...

Hi Amitabh,
Saw your comment on the Corp Act blog. I dont usually check that blog. Nice to hear from you. Also read your blogs, looks like you have run and re-run the movie a million times for the dialogues:). Wanted to mail you a thanx, but dint have your mail ID. Also thanks for Shefali's blog link as well.