Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Post 467 : Mr. Market vs. me (Baseline and sound a war cry....)

Like all macho bumblers (I am one), I sincerely believe I can outperform the market. (What a chweet delusion...) Have been investing since 1996. Lost all my savings in 2001, and then today again, I am seeing significant wealth erosion.

My sincere belief is, both of these experiences have contributed immensely to my wisdom (to wit, what use wisdom when there is no wealth to back it!!, but remember when the game is over the king and the pawn go back into the same box).

My recovery from 2001 was not well documented. This time around I plan to play this game hard and fight tooth and nail. I have heard soothsayers predict the worst. Equities are being written off.

I vehemently disagree. Mutual funds be damned, so be FDs, debt funds, real estate and ilk. I might lose, I might win, time will tell. Till then, lets enjoy the game. I think Satish shares a similar belief here....

I plan to post my weighted portfolio out here once a month. My bet is, next 1-3 years, we shall only see volatility and trending decline in our weighted portfolios, and then the tide shall turn. I am biding my time for that day.....

Here goes my porfolio......



For me to win, everything else remaining constant that 79.41 has to steadily increase. For Mr. Market to win, all he has to do what he has done so well in the past 3 hammer and tong.

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