Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post 462 : Babelfish on steroids

My wife tells me not to shun or make fun of a foreign language. To clarify, I am not even remotely trying to do that.

Her second piece of advice is go with the flow, enjoy a new world and not to resist.

How do I explain this?

I am open to new experiences. I am learning music with no desire of a gain or advantage or even "coolness" (I am learning archaic ragas on harmonium, does anyone even understand any of that now).

My resistance is profoundly personal,  to my own world crumbling. I love the wizardry (or so my immodest self assumes) I can carve out with English. I can never do that easily with any other language. My brain spews out constructions which even I myself admire when I read them a week later (....and so, ladies and gentleman,  here I am, presenting a self-confessed narcissist....)

Also, my argument with her is, if we do have to learn a language, then lets learn a language for the love it. I learnt Urdu (written and spoken) for a few years in my teenage years, because I wanted to read that poetry in its native tongue.

Learning a language (or for that matter anything) for money is akin to selling out. The results will be just as functional as the drivers itself.

But then WTF, I am seeking Buddha in a manga of violence.....

(PS - I think this frustration shall pass as well....time will chime first and then chaff away).

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