Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post 461 : Babelfish on sedatives

Language is a bloody jackshit mule, we drag along  & take for granted all the time.

If you got what I meant in the sentence above, you have understood a bastard version of English. You have clearly read between the lines and (hopefully) understood that Language is fairly important in my scheme of things.

At heart, I am married to prose. So for me, language and the ability to "twist, turn, squabble & squirm" words is an essential part of living. The very reason I don't connect to a host of (otherwise) perfectly socialable genial types is because of their complete inability to enjoy a song&dance show of words.

For me, English and Hindi are the only languages that I can swim and survive in. I can speak Tamil, Marathi, Gujrati and Malyalam - but just enough to say "I can't speak this language well" :-)

And now, suddenly, I am bedded with folks who might not understand my song....

I am devastated. How on earth do I fight, argue, debate, abuse, respect, cuss, swear.....

The gift of gab(and prose)  is fun only if there are others who can play along. Imagine a nightmare, where everyone I knew spoke a foreign dialect and I spoke Rushdian English....Would it be fun? Like Sienfeld would say "Nah....."

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