Monday, November 10, 2008

Post 459 : Life is one happy merry go-round

Was watching TV today, and was seeing NDTV Good Times - some program which profiled celebrities.

It never fails to hit me that all these programs which profile people - socialites, business honchos, celebrities and do a rat-a-tattle with them, you end up feeling "this is it", this is the life I wish I had.

All these clowns (they are performing for the camera, right?) paint a picture of balance, sophistication and magnanimity.

You will never hear Kishore Biyani say that he is "short tempered", or Shah Rukh say, I smoke like a chimney  and my lungs might give up anytime (even when he is asked his "one poison" - he might say "coffee" or some innocuous crap like that.)

A lot of blogs too, present a picture of the owners  (slightly contrary to my previous post) like they would paint themselves - more akin to a self - portrait.

Get the drift?

I hope I am not part of the same trap.

If I ever give a TV or media interview, my yin and yang both will (hopefully) meld....

As for this blog, I hope you can see shades of how (real and) deficient  I actually am - I am human, I have failings and though I am not proud of them, neither am I ashamed of them.

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