Monday, November 10, 2008

Post 458 : Har blog chup chap se yeh kehta hain ki isko kaun likhta hain ?

I read quite a few blogs regularly. Infact, on a side note, I think in a few years, I will stop subscribing to print newspaper (except for the potty-reading) - blogs should be able to cover all news, better and with a lot more bias (note I said bias, not unbias)

One of the thing that fascinates me, is how people sometimes reveal so much about themselves (and that includes me) to an inanimate URL which will archive your emotion/written spiel till the end of time.

Also, even blogs which don't reveal much, actually reveal more. (Confused??)

Just the style of writing will give you an image of a person on how she/he is.

Blogs have changed my perception of certain people I know. Some of them end up appearing so cheerful, but when they write the hidden pessimism escapes out.

And others, who I thought were pesky chaps, have turned out to be such sensitive intelligent souls - or so their blog tells me!!

Wonder, what people think of me....I am sure my blog gives me away as well.

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