Sunday, November 02, 2008

Post 446 : Can my pee kill me?

This might sound juvenile, but you know me by now!! , I am slightly delinquent....

I was reading this Indian Magazine called "Random". In one of the bits "on how to kill an editor" - one of the ways suggested was "to pee on a live circuit" or something to that effect.

Apart from the puerile humor bit, this set me thinking....

Can I really die, if I start peeing on a live electric wire? Will the stream of water (I know the visual imagery is  grotesque for you, but pleezzzz,  excusey mua!!) connect me to the live wire and kill me.

Now that will be an interesting way to die....RIP will read "Here lies Amitabh, who got electrocuted while passing water" :-)

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