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Post 443 : Sex Olympics


I loved the descriptions of the events. I wonder though whether this is real....

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Sex Olympia 2009 is comprised of the following events. Full event details and judging criterium will be provided to athletes after entry registration.

Participants are judged on technique, creativity and

statistical measurements where relevant.

Sex Olympia Events

Event  Participants

Sex Pentalon (10 positions in 10 mins) - Couple

Marathon Shag (stamina is everything) - Couple

Pole in the Vault (for the toy lovers) - Single

Freestyle Fucking (be creative) - Couple

Team Freestyle Fucking - Group

Clean and Jerk (for the masterbators) - Single

Team Clean and Jerk - Group

Hand & ball - Couple

Breast Stroking (tit fuck) - Couple

Back Stroking (anal) - Couple

Fucking Relay - Group

Sprints (Quckie) - Couple

Shot Putting (best ejaculators) -  Single

Synchronised (Pussy) Diving - Group

Sex Aquatics (underwater sex) -  Couple/ Group

Sex Gymnastics (flexibility counts) -  Couple / Group

Long Hump (who can keep their erection longest?) - Single

Triple Hump (best threesome routine) - Group

Sex Olympia 2009 will also involve a variety of entertainment events including heaps of demonstration sports including Air Sex (like Air Guitar), Sex Chess, Pole Dancing, Hypnotic Sex and many more. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will definitely be highlights worth waiting for! Details to follow!

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Alex River said...

I'd be more likely to pay to see that than the real Olympics!