Thursday, April 03, 2008

Post 373 : Weight Watcher 12 (Still running on a WIND and a prayer)

Month of Jan 8 days of a possible 31
Month of Feb 10 out of a possible 29 (leap year)
Month of March 16 out of a possible 31
Total so far since 5th Feb 2007 - 230 days out of a possible 420 days

Other updates - almost every saturday have now been managing to run 15 kms on the trot (howz that for bragzilla), and on sundays manage to cycle 46kms (oh oh!!).

Also this is possibly the first time in my whole life, that I have stuck to some sort of excercise (no matter how irregular) over a year. Hope to go on, as long as I can.

Post 372 : We will eventually get there

On a recent trip to New York.....
Namit Saksena and I are somewhere on 55th Street rushing down a subway staircase, as usual in a hurry not to miss a train, which we dont even know is there. As we start climbing down, we both slow down. A group of old ladies (must be between 60 to 80 in age) are moving down as well, albiet as slowly as their age allows them.
We "brake", continue our animated conversation in Hindi, and not the least irritated with this slowdown. One of the ladies realizes she and her group are being a bottleneck. She mumbles something to her mates and all of them move aside and halt. The lady looks at us and says with a smile "You guys are much faster, dont want old ladies blocking your way.".
If I were alone, I would have smiled sweetly back, uttered a "Thank You" and rushed ahead. Not Namit, before even I could react, he paused, did a wave with his hand, said "After You", and added with a large beam "We will also eventually get there".
I don't know if the honesty registered on the ladies, but I was impressed. In that one moment, I felt smaller, and tinier.
The incident remained etched in my head, and will do so, reminding me that humanity (and humility) are eternally graceful.
Take a bow, Namit ( Saksena ).