Saturday, December 02, 2006

Post 197 - Book 6 – Rohington Mistry’s A Fine Balance

I borrowed this from my mom. Before I did that, she warned me, ‘Beta, this is a f***ing depressing book’, (okay…okay…close that mouth of yours ….she did not use the f-word, but meant it all the same.)

Depression and me seem to gel together quite well…..why? am I a wailing melancholic…..not its quite that black…..the white is the (long ago dead) poet in me reacts much better to misery than joy.

I just finished it today, a 600 page monster in small print.

I can’t recall having read a more melancholic book than this.

Did I enjoy it? Immensely. Dina Shroff, Maneck Kohlah, Ishvar Darji, Om Darji, Beggarmaster, Dustoor Dab-Chab, a city without a name (but its about Bombay)…..the loveable parsis in all their resplendent glory…..I lived all of it, experienced it……imagined Dina Aunty’ kitchen, Maneck’s hill station home (probably Mount Abu or Sringar or Arunachal Pradesh)……

One thing though, this is the first book that made me wince about Indira Gandhi and her imposed ‘Emergency’, I have heard generalizations before, but never details. This book is about telling details without revealing.

I am probably going to read up a bit around ‘emergency’.

Okay mom, it’s a sad book, but its something I shall treasure for life. I will definitely re-read this book exactly two years from now. It might remind me of a few decisions(for the future) I took along the way while reading this one.

This one gets a 10/10 for being subtle, classy, involving, tragic and poetic. A Must Read if you like fiction.

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1 comment:

Pallavi Mishra said...

i agree that the book"A FINE BALANCE " is all about dipression but its only after reading this book that i realise the fact,there is nothing as touchy as dipression,
this is for the first time when i really lived in the storry of a novel . just one complain that the storry was streched without any usage.rather then using 600 words if mr Mistry would have had used 400 words it might had been a bigger plessure reading the write up.........
thanks & regards
Pallavi Mishra