Friday, June 23, 2006

Post No. 36 - Perverse world of politicos

This story is about Rajasthan's CM, Vasundhare Raje Scindia (a royal scion), buying a Merc for her official transport. Very honestly, I am not surprised, world over, people in power are known for their excesses.

What actually irked me was her 'chief secretary' coming on NDTV news, and justifying this, saying that this shall get Ms. Raje closer to the real (ground level ) people. How? It beats me? Also he went to add that a Merc provides more 'suvidha' (facilities) than a normal car, and hence this would make the CM more efficient.

My dear political hunny-bunny brethen, I am okay with you bunnies pulling a fast one, I am okay with you trying to schmooze us, I am NOT okay with you raping our sensibilities....Give us a little more respect.

(It helps to add that, Rajasthan is a state reeling under drought, farmer suicides and growing unemployment).

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