Saturday, June 17, 2006

Post No. 31 - Older...another day, another year

I was watching VH1 (part of Viacom, MTV networks), 'Classics' - where they play video's from the 80s-90s.
I have to admit, that I was on a high after watching it. It was like a reconnection with an era gone by, an era I would like to go back, to my childhood, running around in knickers, listening to classics on the radio, hanging onto my parents for support....
Music connects in more than one can imagine. The only necessary condition to that, is your own ability to let yourself go in its force, which is hard what with most of us being so rigid in the face of music.
Watching 30 minutes of classic was almost spiritual. Listening to Money-Floyd, Everything about you - Ugly Kid Joe, Message in a bottle (unplugged) - Sting, Vasoline - Stone Temple ilots, Radiohead - Creep, Wallflowers- Heroes.......I realised that they don't make music like that anymore - music which had a long shelf like, was unpretentious, required an equal effort from your side( to like it) almost to the extent of being collabrative, was simple yet fun, was clean - in short, it quite literally rocked.
Its also possible that I am growing older, am dying, am like a record stuck on a pin, stuck in an era refusing to move on. Its not that I hate new music, but very few acts like DMB, REM still strike any chord with me....Sepaltura and the ilk are definitely not for me.

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