Friday, June 09, 2006

Post No. 27 - Insight 1 : From Tarun Tejpal's Tehelka (The price for a dailogue)

Tarun in his recent edit in an issue of Tehelka was defending Aamir's right to speech, and castigating the a***hole bunnies in Gujrat who had banned 'Fanaa'.

I on my part have heard hazaar arguements for and against the ban.....'Its an issue of national security', 'It was done only to avoid riots', 'He really has no right to have an opinion on NBA without conducting proper research'....and tending to infinity ....blah!

Of course, I have an opinion, and as usual, its an anti bunny opinion. Having said that, I must admit that I was delighted with the way Tarun presented it.

His main theme was a lament on how as a nation we have lost our capacity for dialogue, especially the state vs. the lumpen....its more of how the state is now a perverse humungous entity lording over a equally humungous but impotent lumpen.

His other point, was the state should infact be focussing on encouraging dialogue than throttling it.....and the example he gave was apt....The British government did not spend millions to protect Rushdie, either for its love of the author, or for its respect for 'Satanic Verses'. It spent the money only to safegaurd the bastions of dialogue and free speech.

In this context, he kind of hammered the irony of the Gujju bunnies banning Fanaa.

To be honest, to me this was quite an insightful way to present a view....much more humane than our normal profane shit-shat methods.

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