Saturday, June 03, 2006

Post No. 23 - People I admire - 2- Tehelka...aka Tarun Tejpal

I am big fan of Tarun Tejpal's Tehelka. Tarun and Anirudh Behal, did a great job in 2002, exposing the defence ministry in India for taking kickbacks and completely compromising on the position of respect and security.

Tarun himself writes extremely well and its great to read a different insightful, yet scathing take on everyday life. (Once again...tehelka presents a very different view of the world around us).

My complain with most of the media today is its apathy to real matters, and its senseless sensationalisation of trite. The excuse " we sell what sells" is an empty excuse.

In my opinion "NEWS should force us to think, it should be interactive, it should be a mirror to your own socio-reality". Tehelka does exactly that, its intelligent, leaves a lot of subtle edges un-rounded in the news, so that you can form opinions, you can regurgiate the news later and process them into sensible information bits.

I urge you all to pick up Tehelka. I promise you, you won't regret it at all.

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