Sunday, June 26, 2005

Post No. 2 (just an update)

Its time I update my site. I plan to do that soon. Have been out of touch with myself. Its probably the right time to relive a forgotten life. Just finished Arundhati Roy's Lay Person's Guide to the Empire. It might be biased, it might be drumming up fire where there is not even a ember, but there are two things that must be said (and heard), 1. It forces you to slow down and think 2. It is brilliant.

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Unknown said...

oye amitabh,
2 year gap betwen your posts... sensex moved from 3500 to 7800 :))

ek dum bullish entry :))

~sandy said...

knock knock.. eager to hear more from you.

Roshan said...

where are you amitabh? Happy New Year to you and wifey.