Tuesday, September 19, 2023

4153 : Hell is freezing over

It's early evening. A middle-aged couple is parking the car. The lady gets out from the passenger side. The lady is around 40-45, middle-aged, slightly plump, wearing a dark shirt with floral prints and grey trousers/denims. Also sporting a mildly tinted pair of glasses. 

She hops off and walks a few metres away from the car, looking fondly at the car. The man is still parking parallel onto the curbside.

Eventually he is out too. He is wearing a orange-red polo t-shirt and khakis. He ejects gingerly. Middle-aged too. Slightly obese and out of shape. He hobbles towards the lady.

They both begin to walk towards my apartment complex. Walking - they both speak and gesticulate. About 8 inches initially separate their bodies (at this point). As they continue ahead, the distance reduces, where at a cinematic point, their hands brush with each other.

In the next moment, naturally without a word being said, his hands twine into her palms. They are still talking. 

No one in the world has possibly noticed. For them, this is their normal burn. In my hell, I heard a rumble and thaw.

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