Monday, September 25, 2023

4157 : One by U2 and Mary J Blige

 I am a sucker for live versions and the live version by Mary Blige and U2 is a home run :-)

4156 : Final Piece

Watch them from afar. She walks out of the hospital. A slow trduge. She is young, possibly 30, nomore. The bald shining head signifies something akin to a chemo romance. She looks beautiful as only she could.

A blue car (Baleno) waiting on her. She gingerly opens the door. At this point, the simpler thing would have been to just climb in. Instead, she stands there, awed. She smiles beatifically. Akin to as if she has seen her new born baby for the first time. The pursed lips, the smile trapped in a cage too small to hide it.

He beams radiantly at her. He is possibly 30 too. The simpler thing for him, would be to climb out and help her in. That would be what a concerned lover/friend would do.

He instead holds out his hand. From where he is seated, that is from the drivers seat. She slowly locks her palm in. (I wish they would play Brahms Lullaby here!!) He kisses the top of her palm, as she bends to look at him. A good 5 seconds maybe. Then she smiles demurely, as if she were on her first date, and settles into the car. Both can't stop beaming.

The car ambles along. 

When her palm locked into his, I could not help but smile, too. I imagined in that moment, this to be the last piece of his jigsaw. Now in place. And elation of the coitus !!. Ah...we saved the world today.

4155 : Reading List 2023 : #35 Piercing by Ryu Murakami

If you have never read Ryu Murakami, you dont know what "weird" can mean.

And if "Piercing" is the first book of his you read, well, its going to be a ride.

Its surreal, violent, freakish and yet sucks you in, by the scruff of your neck.

Definitely a read. Go for it, just for its bizarreness.

At 192 pages brings my 2023 total to 9263 pages.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

4154 : Flower

Demons are out. The inner storm croons in 3 octaves. The calm outside. The singe inside. 

On the worst of days you realise you are like a flower. Delicate in an unique way, and absolutely all alone.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

4153 : Hell is freezing over

It's early evening. A middle-aged couple is parking the car. The lady gets out from the passenger side. The lady is around 40-45, middle-aged, slightly plump, wearing a dark shirt with floral prints and grey trousers/denims. Also sporting a mildly tinted pair of glasses. 

She hops off and walks a few metres away from the car, looking fondly at the car. The man is still parking parallel onto the curbside.

Eventually he is out too. He is wearing a orange-red polo t-shirt and khakis. He ejects gingerly. Middle-aged too. Slightly obese and out of shape. He hobbles towards the lady.

They both begin to walk towards my apartment complex. Walking - they both speak and gesticulate. About 8 inches initially separate their bodies (at this point). As they continue ahead, the distance reduces, where at a cinematic point, their hands brush with each other.

In the next moment, naturally without a word being said, his hands twine into her palms. They are still talking. 

No one in the world has possibly noticed. For them, this is their normal burn. In my hell, I heard a rumble and thaw.

4152 : When the world ends

Someone I know of, yet don't know at all. Someone in the apartment complex.

He drives into the parking on this bright morning. As he parks into the slot, he shuts off the ignition. Then he slowly deliberately, covers his face with both his palms. With more consideration, he rests his weary head on the steering wheel. He remains this way for a full 3 minutes. Eventually he lifts his head, his eyes bleary and torn. 

Opens the door, steadies the gait and walks towards the elevator.

4151 : Reading List 2023: #34 Notes on Grief by Chimamanda Adichie

My second read of this gem and equally moved me more than the first one.

This along with Joan Didion's "Year of Magical Thinking" make grief personal and breathable again.

At 80 pages brings my 2023 total to 9071 pages.

Monday, September 18, 2023

4150 : Reading List 2023: #33 The Anniverssary by Stephanie Bishop

What a stunning read! of a book.

I quite liked this as a work of fiction. Made me think and ponder on my own life.

A good book is that which seems personal.

Definitely a book to read again. Stephanie Bishop is a brilliant writer.

At 420 pages brings my 2023 total to 8991 pages.

4149 : Reading List 2023 : #32 Why we get sick by Benjamin Bikman

A brillaint book. I loved it.

Definitely a read.

At 280 pages brings my 2023 total pages to 8571 pages.

4148 : Reading List 2023 : #31 Super Gut by Dr. William Davis

A brilliant read. Gets boring at the end due to the recipies.

At 339 pages brings my 2023 total to 8291 pages.

4147 : Reading List 2023 : #30 The Microbiome Diet by Dr. Raphael Kellman

Nice good book to make you aware of your microbiome.

DefinitelyI would recommend a read to someone as novice as me.

At 352 pages brings my 2023 total to 7952 pages.

4146 : Reading List 2023 : #29 The Circadian Diabetes Code by Dr. Satchin Panda

For the past 6 weeks I have been eating my meals by 7pm most days. Why?

Read this book. Fascinating science.

At 270 pages brings my 2023 total to 7600 pages.

4145 : Reading List 2023 : #28: Shame by Annie Ernaux

Another masterclass from Miss Ernaux.

Not as good as Simple Passions, but worth a read all the same.

At 112 pages brings my 2023 total to 7330 pages

4144 : Reading List 2023 : #27 Simple Passions by Annie Ernaux

How many times have you read the same book in the same year in the span of a few months?

Well, I have. My second read of Annie Ernaux and I am just as enthralled.

Lets say, I found a piece of me in her.

At 64 pages brings my 2023 total to 7218 pages.