Sunday, January 08, 2023

4167 : Mixed timelines

(Excerpted From a fiction piece) & inspired by the previous post!!

Sunday's are always bright.  A special day (for me, for this world) supposedly. Brings out the worst in me always. "Rile and bile" days, as I still call them. Silence I need, disconnect from this cess. "Rile Bile" days remind us how weirdly broken our choices and world are. Wabi Sabi anyone?

I am working. On a Sunday? I work to thrill - I work to kill the sounds. 

In the middle of a crazy plan that I am working upon, I begin singing "Its been 7 hrs and 15 days" loudly.  Its a song that I have not heard for some months for now, and I wonder why my brain chooses to surface this memory.

I look up the classic and begin playing it. As the classic plays out - I realise, I am on a time warp - 7 hrs and 15 days. Loop. Repeat. 

Do you see that?

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