Thursday, January 05, 2023

4164 : Belong, be short

(Excerpted from a fictional piece)

When I take step back, I do wonder what the razz was about? What the tazz is ?

Intimacy is nothing about knowing each other better to a point where we amplify our insular minds to think more as if they were larger than themselves. Walking in someone's shoes makes us examine our own failings. To lie in someone's arms (and be honest in that moment) you have to be able to remove the shadows that veil you. To do a salsa step, I have to believe that you will hold my vulnerability safe.

I could go on, and someday I will. Thats all this is about.

Its also about feeling belonged. Once you held me in. Today, we are separated by the ocean. (Which one, you say, your favorite, the Dead Sea - which is not an ocean at all :-))

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