Friday, December 16, 2022

4130 : We are doomed

In the complex I live in, a young mom is preparing 7-10 year old girls to walk a fashion parade. Possibly for Christmas celebration over the weekend. 

Every evening, she is teaching them to walk like a fashion diva.

It is exclusively girls. 

Something in that scence riles me up. I would violently oppose this for my daughter. Respecting ourselves, and not objectifying ourselves is a journey we start every single day and hold the line.

To be fair, its ok, to dress fashionably, to be groovy, or edgy in your clothing. Thats what I call as part of our "mating dance" and I am totally fine with that. Look good, and make every effort for it.

Act, dance, perfom comedy - each of which enhances the definition of our own self worth. But, possibly avoid making a parade of yourself. Especially in this mindless manner. And definitely lets not teach this to our young children. And finally, spare our daughters....they will have to anyways fight for equity in the future.


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