Friday, December 16, 2022

4129 : Awkward Silence

(From a fiction piece)

We both walked into the elevator, all happy and beaming. It was one of the old world corporate headquarters in South Mumbai. We were especially in joie, both with each other and just in the state we were used to be being.

As the elevator was about to start its ascend, a couple of young 20 somethings - 1 girl, 3 boys literally skidded into it just as the door was about to slide shut.

The girl was in a green chudidar and the guys were in kurtas. We both looked at each other, almost in askance, "whats special today?" and maybe "what are the kids doing in this place?".

As the lift closed, we both were silent, so had the group that just joined us. Dead silence in that cabin.

Then one of the boys standing ahead of me, moved to the girl's ears and whispered in a raspy voice "then there was awkward silence....." and give out an evil loud laugh. 

Totally spontaneous and I just loved it. Was mesmerized by this emotion from him.

A few seconds later, since the girl was engrossed in Insta (I could see her phone) - and she had not reacted to him. He did this again, and this time a little louder. And the same "I own this world laugh".

The girl still looking at the phone, said, "These heels are terrible" and she moved her feet uncomfortably. This "own the earth" guy, immediately bent down to offer his both palms as a mechanism to step on them. He was being facetious, but he appeared totally sincere. As if, if she had stepped, would truly have cradled her feet. She shrugged not interested.

I was so into this. This "guy" who I called bhiku mhatre (post the exit from the elevator) - mumbai ka raja kaun?......

In that moment, I silently blessed (not that it might matter), our Bhiku Mhatre. Why could we not be like this? Where had we stopped chasing joy, being edgy idiotic kids? I did wonder. I wanted to tell you that then. I so desperately wanted us to be that.

I still very much want to. Bring your heels on. Are you listening, Spin?

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