Thursday, December 15, 2022

4128 : Fast Car

(Poem Inspired by Tracy Chapman's Fast Car)

I got a fast car,
It can get us out of here,
Pack yourself, thats all I need near,

Maybe, get a pack of smokes,
The rest of it is star rust,
Let your old self melt into the dust, 

Lets drive to the end of the road,
And then a little more, with Who,
Come along, what.....does the rain bother you?

Lets do our singing in the rain,
Like Everly Brothers, tapping on the love seat,
To the raucous rhythm of our heart beat,

Come along, heart, lets drive away,
Jail birdies giving escape to the mind,
Watch the smoke waft, see what we can find,

They will eventually come for us,
Our blood is honey, lets tempt the bee,
Their choice, skewer you or carve me,

When we grow older, there will be an opera composed on us two,
We can laugh and tell the kids, that we were like cinder,
Burning down the world on a lust and tinder,

Still don't believe me Spin? I am driving a fast car,
The playlist is painting shades of blue,
They will tell me, I miserably lost - but babe, I still bloody got you!!

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